Issues with Yahoo mail (SMTP)

Unlike with Hotmail (Outlook), sending, receiving, and updating Yahoo via SMTP synching is very laggy.

Does anyone know if this is an eM Client issue or a Yahoo issue? I can have my web browser open for Outlook Mail and also eM Client too. I delete an email via Outlook and it’s instantly reflected in eM Client. That’s not the case with Yahoo.

miércoles 20 julio 2022 :: 0835hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @LL7977

I can not answer your question directly, however, I do know that there have been
many errors etc with Yahoo recently, perhaps it would be a good idea to contact
Yahoo support or their Forum

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Thanks. I’m not aware of any mechanism for the end user (non-premium) customer can contact Yahoo. As far as I know, the issue remains only with Yahoo and it’s not an issue when using other email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook.