Issues with the calendar re timezones and description


I’m new to eM Client and have paid for the licence etc.

I have my calendar working ok but:

(1) I am taking a flight that takes off in one timezone and arrives in another. So, I have clicked on the timezone button and entered the correct timezones and times. However, once I close the diary entry (after saving) and later re-open it, it has forgotten the settings. It only seems to remember them if both timezones are the same, which makes no sense in this instance, of course. What am I doing wrong?

(2) I have pasted some flight details and other guff into the description field, saved and closed. But when I reopen the diary entry, all except the first couple of lines of text (about 7 words in total) has been deleted/ignored - it seems that the description field must be really, really small. Presumably this isn’t the case in reality. Again, what is going wrong?

Thanks for your assistance,

Events are displayed in the calendar automatically corrected for the time zone you are in. So if you have an event specified as 10am in Eastern time (UTC -4) and you are in New York, it displays as 10 am. If you edit the event and have it as 7am in Pacific time (UTC-7), when you are in New York it will still display as 10am because of the time zone you are in. (7am UTC -7 = 10am UTC -4)

All you need to do when you travel is set your laptop to automatically detect the time and time zone, and the events will be displayed correctly adjusted for where you are.

So if you are in Denver it displays automatically as 8am, and if you are in Los Angeles it will display as 7am.