Issues with tasks

I’m new to tasks in eMC. I’ve run through a couple of issues and I don’t know what behavior is normal and what is not before raising some of the issues to support. I’m asking for your help as I’m probably doing things wrong.

  1. When I create a task in eMC, I can’t see it anywhere in a calendar (whatever the view I chose, not even under ‘Agenda’). However, I can see it in the right panel under Agenda. Also, I can see the created task online in Google Calendar/Tasks.
  2. Tasks created online in Google do not appear in eMC calendar (but are visible under Agenda-right panel like specified above).
  3. Tasks in eMC have no time attached to them! Which is very strange. eMC should allow at least an occurrence/strating time (or a due time like in Google).
  4. Recurrent tasks created in eMC are not visible in Google Calendar (on the Server) and nor in eMC, of course. However, they’re visible in the list of tasks in Google (online) but they’re no date attached to them, which explains why they’re not shown.

Please note that ‘Show reminders’, ‘Show in Agenda’, and ‘Show in Calendar tasks’ are all ticked under Tasks > Properties. Also, Repair Calendar/Tasks didn’t change a thing. Logs contain no error.


Normally tasks do not appear in the calendar, but in day and week views, there is a task section at the bottom of the calendar view.

It is easy to miss it there. You can expand it by dragging the border upwards (1) or clicking the expand icon (2).

No, they do not appear in the calendar. Other than displaying them as above, or in the Agenda side-bar, you can view them in their own section.


They used to, but it seems in the recent update they no longer support that option. See my earlier comment here.

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My God! I would’ve never guessed, not in a million years! Thank you so much @Gary!
I was about to give up working with tasks.

I’ve read the whole manual here but that was an old doc (for v7.0). eMC should really come up with an up to date documentation.

Yeah, unfortunately the help file (F1) is also hopelessly out of date. There are some new features that were introduced in version 7 that are still not mentioned there, let alone new features for version 8. :roll_eyes: