Issues with MicroSoft To-Do app and eM Client Calender reminder.

When I get a reminder for a task I have setup with MicroSoft To-Do app which is associated with the email account, If I click snooze or dismiss, duplicate task is created on To-Do app. This is causing great confusion and inconvenience! Can someone look into this for me please?

I have similar problem with repeated task (for example birthdays):

  1. There is a task “birthday” created in To-Do app (completion date 2022-03-01, reminder 2022-03.01, repeating every year)
  2. This task appears in Agenda in eM Client
  3. When I mark it as completed in To-Do app, task remains in eM Client as “task in the past” (not completed)
  4. Then when I mark it as completed in eM Client, task appears in To-Do app as overdue task
  5. Then when I mark it as completed in To-Do app again, task appears in eM Client as overdue task
  6. … and over and over again

Is there any solution to this problem?