Issues with hotmail/outlook

Hi, I started using eM client yesterday (june 15th, 2017) with hotmail/ outlook on my windows 7 laptop. 

Everything was fine, I tested to make sure I was receiving emails, so I tested with a second gmail account that I have and all the emails were sent/received to my hotmail/outlook.

I have my twitter email notifications on, so when someone tweets or direct messages me I get an email to my hotmail/outlook inbox. 

The emails never come though with eM client, so I removed my account and uninstalled the program from my computer. Now for some strange reason, the emails from twitter won’t deliver to my hotmail/ outlook inbox AT ALL. I’ve tried everything under the sun, checked to see if twitter was blocked, checked different twitter with a different email etc. 

The problem of not receiving any emails from twitter only happened AFTER I installed eM client yesterday. 

I even made a different twitter with a different email and checked if it was receiving messages to that new hotmail/outlook inbox and it was (on the web). 

I doubt anyone here has a fix for me but it was worth a try posting. 

I would suggest to disable and reenable the Twitter notifications to your Hotmail / Outlook account. The Twitter to Hotmail notification is a direct cloud to cloud mail notification and nothing to do with any program installed on your computer.

Ps If disabling and reenabling the notification in Twitter doesn’t work, then contact Twitter.