issues while migrating from Live Mail: how to download from Server and not copy Spam?

Testing eM Client hoping migrate from Live Mail and seeing issues: 

  • when downloading emails from Inbox messages all remain on Server (Live Mail allows to select to keep messages on server or  not)
  • Spam messages all get downloaded )Live Mail does not download messages from Server’s Spam folder)
    How to fine-tune eM Client to work the same as Live Mail?
    Thank you,

Hi Andrey.

This point of keeping messages on the server or not is restricted to POP3 accounts. Most accounts, when setup in eM Client, will be IMAP. This means that all the messages are stored on the server, and eM Client simply gives you a cached copy of the server. This is the method preferred when accessing the email account from multiple devices, such as phone and desktop. That way they will always be in sync. 

If you want to use POP3, when setting up the account, do not use the automatic setup, instead use Mail > Other. You will be able to specify POP3, and can configure the account the same as with WLM.

The automatic setup does have advantages though. Mostly, that setup will also configure your online calendar and contacts.

Regarding the Spam issue, using the automatic setup, and thus having the account setup as IMAP, eM Client does not download any messages by default. All eM Client does is retrieve the header information, and the message is downloaded when you open it. There are additional settings in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy, that you can choose and prevent content being downloaded. I almost never click on my Spam folder, so the messages there are never accessed, and no content is ever downloaded for that folder.

With some email providers, like GMail, it is also possible to disable the IMAP Spam folder in the Google settings. In that case the folder will not be displayed at all in eM Client.

Not being a WLM user, you might need to expand on any ways you would like to use eM Client in the same way.

Hi Gary,

Following your advice I created POP3 account. It works ok but still messages on server do not get removed. In Win Live Mail there is an option to keep copy of messages on server or not after downloading them. Is there such an setting in your Client?

Yes, the setting is at Menu > Tools > Accounts, then click on the POP3 tab for your account. Towards the bottom are the Server Settings. 

Thank you Gary!
That;s exactly what I was looking for.