Issue with printing

Hi all.

A client who uses emclient has a problem when printing. Rather than getting a straight print Window, print preview first comes up, and then he has to click on print using system dialog, and then print…

This is an unnecessary complication.

Is it possible to set it, so that when print is clicked, it goes straight to the print Window, and not print preview? At first I thought it was related to a Windows update, till I was told it only happened within emclient.

Thanks in advance.

There is more to the print preview than just a preview.

There are many options for you to select before it is sent to the printer. So options that won’t be configurable in the system dialogue, like which calendar layout (day, week month etc.), views and sort options for contacts, as well as the options like graphics or header and footer for messages.

And of course the page needs to be generated.

While I know that there may be additional steps. This is for an elderly gentleman, who is in the process of going blind, and too many steps can be confusing.

That is not required.

He can just click on the big orange print button.