Issue with bogus contact entries being imported to eMClient

Hey Paul, let me start by stating I love your app. and I plan to purchase if all goes well during my eval over the next few weeks. Coming from working in an office where I used Microsoft Outlook, your product closely resembles what I left behind and includes most all the bells and whistles I really valued with MS Outlook Professional. Now for my issue;  I did an initial install of eM Client about a week ago and continue to have problems with multiple bogus contacts importing into my contacts ( I’ve included a screen shot of the error and you can see my contacts in the background. As you’ll note there are some 632,000 entries in some form of an Arabic language I cannot seem to purge. Initially I selected all these and tried to delete them which took about 7 hours and it didn’t work. If I try to select just a single contact and delete it, the app. freezes up (not responding).  I’m using Microsoft Outlook as my e-mail service provider running Windows 8 and I’m running your version 6.0.20648.0 software.  I’ve gone into my Outlook contacts to verify these entries in fact do not exist there. Another point to note; when in contacts and I select just the local contacts folder, it only lists my valid 107 contacts. These are what I imported via an excel .csv file so those entries are valid and everything on the local folder contact summary looks correct. Of course if I un-check the contacts box for my contacts everything seems to function fine, no errors with syncing and this is what I’ve been doing as a work around.
Is there a way to blow out my contacts and start from scratch? Should I attempt this from my MSN Outlook account? It seems there is a corrupt database somewhere. thanks Paul.

Hi, first of all please try to run this update on your computer , when you finish installing the update, please try to run a repair on your contacts folder, right click the contacts folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the “Repair” button.
Check if the issue persists and if the contacts are still displayed incorrectly and please let me know.

Thank you,

Paul, after installing the update you recommended, I launched the app and selected my contacts folder (, selected properties, and repair. I immediately got a freeze up of the app. (not responding). I let it go and after about 30 seconds the app closed and I got eM Client database check that came up stating the application was not closed properly and it ran the 3 checks; checking for corrupt database, contact_index.dat, and checking for inconsistent data.
I attempted running the repair a second time and got the exact same results.

Hi again, when the application crashed was an error report issue displayed?
Are you able to replicate the issue?

Can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on AirSync logging for the problematic account?

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Try to repair the folder again
    If the crash occurs please display the error and post it here on the forum as well.

Thank you,

Paul, yes an error report was displayed and yes I can consistently duplicate the problem. I went ahead and turned air sync on, saved and relaunched the app and attempted to run the repair and I get the same error when synchronization initializes. Screen capture of error below. After this error is displayed the synchronization continues through its entirety with no other errors reported.
Another detail to note here; I attempted to run the repair a 3rd time - from properties tab in the contacts folder, when I clicked on repair I immediately got (not responding) before I could click on the OK button. After about 30 seconds I got the error notice the application had to shutdown.   

Hi again, does the application crash repeatedly when you use the “Repair” button?
If it does, is the error report window displayed? If so, can you please click on the “Show error” button and copy the content of the error?

Thank you,

It does Paul however it never gets to that point. As soon as I click on the repair button, after about 5 seconds and before I click the ok button the app. locks up as indicated below:
Then the app. closes and I get the error reporting screen followed by the repair screen displayed below.
When I re launch the app and it runs a sycn I get the initial error failed to connect to (screen shot up above) but then it runs through the complete synchronization with no further errors reported. Here’s a screen capture of the error log; does this reveal any useful info?

Hi, not completely sure if the error report window is ever shown or not.
If it is, there’s a show error button, please try to display the error and post it here.

If it’s not displayed, please download this tool , extract the procdump folder and run the .bat file. Then again replicate the issue and when the application crashes, there should be a dump file saved within the procdump folder. Please send me this file to with a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

Paul, I downloaded that zip folder and ran the bat file.
I want to make sure you understand a common issue I’m experiencing when I attempt to run the repair you’re requesting; When I go to the contacts properties folder the general information tab is displayed as the default. When I click on the repair tab and then click the repair button, the app. locks up there, meaning I cannot click on the ok button (screen shot below). Then the application shuts down.

In advanced settings, logging; do you still want AirSync checked on?

New issue; it appears I’ve lost my inbox. As I monitor the operations log file I see it’s hanging up here:  
8:02:58 AM [AirSync]  Uploading item(s) to folder ‘’
Any thoughts on what I do here and how to restore my inbox? 

Another item Paul; I don’t know where to go to access the procdump folder should I ever get to the point where I can capture this detail so I’ll need some direction on where to go to get that dump file to send your way.

This error screen just popped up so I e-mailed in the log file as the message requested.

Can you please go to the Documents folder as suggested in the second error and send me the file containing information about the issue to with a reference URL link to this forum topic?
Also to access the procdump folder, after you’ve downloaded it the .zip folder should be saved in your Downloads folder, I hope you’ve extracted the folder so now you should have a procdump folder under Downloads, from where you’ve ran the .bat file.

After the application crashes the procdump tool should create a log about the error/issue that occurred in the procdump folder.

Hope this helps, in either case please find the bug.number.txt file in your Documents folder and hopefully send it to me as suggested above.

Thank you,

I e-mailed the two bug files to you Paul about 30 minutes ago. I’ve extracted the .zip folder. Is this the screen shot you’re looking for?

Still missing my Inbox option so not sure what happened here.

Hi again, I’ve just replied to your email, the screenshot above seems to be suggesting that the dump file could be located in your Program Files folder under eM client’s directory. However it is not needed as you’ve manage to send me the crash reports from your Documents folder.
Please see my email, and possibly pick up on the email conversation.

The issue you’re experiencing seems to be caused by both downloading a large message and the Airsync protocol. This combination causes your application to crash at the moment.
There’s a possibility to setup the account as IMAP, however it will disable the option to use Contacts and Calendar services enabled for the AirSync protocol only on your mail server.

Thank you,

Paul, is there any plan for contacts and calendar to be supported using IMAP in the future? Is it possible I could use eM Client as a stand alone application for maintaining my contacts and calendar? The MS application sucks - very limited.  Do you have any thoughts on how to ID the very large message that’s downloading and delete it? I’m confused as to why I don’t see this in my MS account.

I guess I’d like to go ahead and set up an account in eM Client and try it using IMAP so if you have instructions on that please share.

thanks for your help Paul.

Please see my email response for more information.

Thank you,

Paul, any thoughts on how to restore my Mail tab within my bookmarks?

Hi, yes, just right click any of the items in the left sidebar (e.g. Calendar). A dropdown should be displayed allowing you to select which tabs will be displayed in the application, just check “Mail” and it should appear immediately.

Hope this helps,