Issue with automatic backup and eM-Client v7

With the new v7 of eM-Client, automatic backup does not work. 

When it launch the backup from the task manager (dbbackup.exe -backup -silence), it wait a few seconds, and after display an error message box, something like “eM Client is currently running. To continue please stop eM Client”.

For information, when I do a manual backup from file menu, it works fine (seems to suspend eM Client while doing the backup).

With the old v6 it did worked fine.

Why starting directly with taskmanager and not from the Menu? So far i have no Problems, Backup is beeing terminated every 24 hrs, automaticly and works fine

I don’t start backup from the task manager. But when eM Client automatic backup is active, it creates a Task Scheduler event to launch “dbbackup.exe -backup -silence” . And when this event is executed by windows every day, eM Client display the error message 

That’s what I’ve seen with emClient 6 yesterday, too, using automatic backup from within emClient, no external tools or program executions.

I’ve switched this off now and do use my backup software from Macrium. Guess this piece of software is more reliable anyway.

closing eM Client manually by the cross icon should work. We will be making changes to the automatic backup feature to offer the option to close and update at the same time though.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience until then.



Em 6 used to shut down the client automatically so that it could run the backup and then restart it.  As of em 7, you get the error message that eMClient is running.  So it has to be shut down manually and then you click the retry button in the notification and it starts.

Why can’t eM 7 shutdown the process similar to em6?  My backups are scheduled to run in the middle of the night, but they don’t work, so I have to start them in the morning which makes no sense.  The backup is supposed to be AUTOMATIC!!!