Issue with a moved GMail label (a folder in em Client)

Google Mail label changed to nest under a different label (a move) via the GMail web interface.  In em Client, the corresponding folder is moved as expected but its contents is no longer accessible.  How do I get em Client to re-retrieve the folder tree contents after the move?

It should do it automatically, or at least at the next sync. But you can right-click on the topmost folder for your account and choose Properties > Repair > Repair. See if that makes a difference.

Thanks Gary; I tried that with no joy.  Synchronizing folders ran for a while.  No error messages.  I clicked on one of the “moved” folders and nothing was displayed. I know that there is content in the selected folder.  Can the “local” cache be deleted as if it were a fresh install?

Repair should do a good job of deleting the local cache, but the other option is to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. That does a more thorough job.

Thanks Gary.  Removing/adding the account fixed the problem.  This is something that em Client should handle more gracefully (automatically).  Thanks for your help.  Much appreciated.

Yeah, it is a fix, but does not address the underlying problem.