Issue while trying to sendemail.

Logs sent. However I found a new problem (maybe should start a new topic). When I tried to send the log files using the “Send Logs” button on the Advanced Settings page, I got the following message. I deleted three attachments that had 0 bytes length and then it was accepted. However, I’m not sure if it was sent properly and has all the information you need.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Problem with (utc -7) Timezone from webcal to eM Client topic.

Can I ask you if later you were able to send those logs? I know that I have received some logs from you but I want to know if it was after or before this issue.


Yes, I sent the logs on Jan. 16th after deleting the extra zero length attachments. Let me know if you need it sent again.

No, I have them and I have responded to you over email already, I just needed to know if I was confused about date of those logs.

thank you for clarification.