Issue when moving emails in Hotmail account

Using emclient, I am having an issue when moving emails from the inbox to another folder - this has only started recently. If I drag an email, it then appears twice in that folder, plus the copy remains in the inbox. If I check the account via the hotmail web portal, there is one copy in the folder where it was dragged, plus a copy in the inbox.

It’s really not usable like this, so unless I can find a solution I will have to look for another mail client. Anyone have any ideas? The software is up to date.


First turn off conversations using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations. Just so you are not confused by that feature.

Now go to the message you want to move.

Either right-click on the message and choose Move to folder, or drag it to the desired folder. If dragging, make sure you are not holding the Ctrl key while dragging as that will copy and not move.


Conversations already disabled, and I’m definitely not holding any keys when dragging.


You said your software is up to date. Doesn’t necessarily mean you are using the latest version though. The current release is 7.2.38682. If you don’t have that, download and install it from the Release History. If you want to try the version 8 betas, they are on that page as well.

But something that is probably causing this is that eM Client is not updating the local message cache. To fix that, right-click on the folder where the messages were moved from and choose Properties > Repair. If it is a Gmail or Gsuite account, right-click on the All Mail folder instead.

Thanks. Wasnt quite on the latest version so have downloaded and installed that. Seems to be OK at the moment, so will see how it goes.

Unfortunately the problem is back again this morning - move an email from the inbox to another folder, and it then appears in both folders when viewed in emclient, but if checked through the web portal is only in the inbox.

I also tried removing and re-adding the email account in emclient yesterday, which doesn’t seem to have helped.

This is increasingly looking like a bug - is anyone else using a hotmail account with emclient experiencing this?