Issue Syncing one email to multiple users... Suggestions

I’ve been running into a syncing issue with an email account that 4 other users also use. We all use eM Client to access this specific email account, but it seems to not sync properly if someone has read an email or forwarding that same message. is there any documentation to help me set this up properly?

What version of eM Client are you using?

Are all 5 using the same setup, i.e. IMAP or Exchange?

Where are the read messages that aren’t syncing; in the Inbox, or a sub-folder?

Are there any errors in Menu > Operations, then in the Log tab?

Sorry about that was about to edit my original post with that information.

10 eM client licenses all on Version 8.1.1060

IMAP with TLS password

No errors on my end and logs show normal sync updates every 2 minutes between the 2 emails I share with my co workers.

syncing issues are in the inbox and not sub-folders.

Apparently one person forwarded an email but others can not see that it has been read or forwarded to another email address

Could you try right-click on the Inbox (if it is Gmail or Gsuite, right-click on All Mail instead) and choose Properties > Repair.

it isn’t gmail. these are email accounts hosted by hostmonster.

oddly enough I can access properties and repair on my desktop, but my co workers desktop I can not see the repair section of the same email account.

Can you go to Menu > Accounts on that computer and make sure the account is setup as IMAP or Exchange. (It will either have an IMAP, EWS or POP3 tab) If it is setup as POP3, the repair option will not be there, nor will it sync the read or forwarded information with the server and other computers.

Went to check my co workers WFH systems and 3 of them were set up on pop3. Thank you for helping clarify