Issue installing new version of eM Client v7.2.34648.0

I currently have eM Client v7.2.34633.0 installed.  When I try install the latest version v7.2.34648.0 , as downloaded from the eM Client site, a popup screen displays that a later version is already installed and the setup exits.  Anyone else experience this and is there a solution?

I installed v7.2.34648 today over an existing …4633 installation. Everything went as expected. No popup screens. Could it be that you accidentally tried to install an earlier version (I usdually keep 4 earlier versions on my HD)?


I have downloaded the setup.msi from the eM Client website download page today (twice in fact), which I assume is the latest version (7.2.34648.0), but when I try installing it, a popup message appears as per below.   I’m baffled as how can I have a later version installed than  the  (latest) one I just downloaded.  My current version installed shows below as well as being 7.2.34633.0. 

Problem resolved. 

I downloaded the setup file below via the softexia website (  and it installed with no issues and I now have the latest version (7.2.34648.0).

Thank you for your assistance.

You should always download from here.
Since the latest version was only published yesterday, maybe the main webpage was not updated yet.

Noted. Thank you. Much appreciated.