Issue in calendar with Kerio


I use emclient for 6 month with Kerio Connect (as caldav account) and it worked very well until daylight saving time change (I am in Belgium). Now when I create an event in calendar with emclient the event appear one hour too late on the Kerio Server and on my others equipment (Ipad, Iphone, outlook). If I create the event with, for example, my Iphone, it appear correctly in emclient. So I think that the problem come during the event creation.

I have also tested in Exchange mode with EWS. In this mode, the issue did not occur but all my events created with emclient appear as private event, so my colleagues can’t read my calendar.

I have tested also with a freshly deployed kerio server (last version) and also with the last version of emclient (6.0.24928.0) but the problem is still here.

Thanks for your help,




Can you please go to Tools>Settings>Advanced a check the CalDAV checkbox? After that, restart eM Client, try to reproduce the issue and send me the logs to via the provided Send Logs button in Advanced so I can look into the problem in detail.
Thank you.


Hi Dave,

I have send required logs