Is this normal or is folder sync taking too long?

I am using eM Client 6.0.21040.0 with one Gmail account using IMAP. The account has 11,000+ emails accumulated over the last few years. Many of these emails are tagged with labels that both eM Client and Gmail display in a nice folder structure. I have ticked the box to keep a local (offline) copy of all the email and attachments in the eM Client account settings.

Everything seems to be fine except the fact that that eM Client is constantly synchronizing. I extended the synchronization setting from the default (every 5 minutes) to its maximum (every 99 minutes). Now, looking at the log, I can see that it takes about 35 minutes to synchronize the folder structure (main server folders and then personal folders and subfolders from A-Z) then eM Client gets stuck synchronizing the “All Mail” folder for the remaining hour until forced (after 99 minutes) to recycle again through the whole set of folders. This goes on for the whole day until the process gets interrupted by some random IMAP error (no surprise here given the fact that it is constantly synchronizing.) Upon clearing the error, the cycle restarts and goes on for hours again. This has been going on for 4 or 5 days now.

Is this normal?

Is it normal for the client to take 35 minutes synchronizing the folder structure (about 33 personal folders on top of the standard server folders)? Even though there have been no changes in it since it was last synchronized? Is it normal for the All Mail account to be constantly synchronizing? Is this part of an initial download? How long should I expect that initial download to take with 11K emails? Will things improve once “All Mail” is downloaded? 

Sorry I can’t be of any help. I just noticed that you didn’t get a reply yet and was wondering if you found a solution to the problem yourself? I’m having a very similar problem. My eM Client keeps on downloading all my gmail messages. Once it finishes the last folder it starts again from the beginning. Very frustrating…
Cheers Margot

It took a couple of days but it looks like eventually all messages were downloaded and the odd behavior stopped.

Hi Cesar, sorry for my belated reply, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if the issue reoccurs, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,