Is there way to archive google mail as per GMail web UI?


As per subject, I’m really missing the option. It kind of defeats purpose using eMClient to manage my GMail account, as after reading mail I have to log in to my GMail account through WWW just to archive mail… :frowning:

But maybe there is an option somewhere I’m not noticing?

I am afraid there’s currently no solution for your request. But feature of adding checkbox to folder properties to exclude arbitrary folder from communication history (i.e. Archive) with possible auto-detection is on our to-do list. We plan to implement it to version 3.1 of eM Client.

Not to hijack this thread but I think the original question might have been misunderstood. GMail offers a simple mechanism to Archive messages. In the Web UI the user simply clicks the Archive button. This would be a great feature in emClient. For reasons that aren’t obvious to me (maybe something to do with IMAP configuration on Google) the All Mail folder is not presented. The All Mail folder (which is really just a Label in GMail) is the location of Archived messages (again, as I understand).

Though it personal preferences, but I don’t see much of point of using IMAP and trying to archive the mail. If you using POP3, it make much more sense.

I organizer my Gmail by a few complex rules. I arrange them in label/folder. Such as Public, Mailing List, eBay, a name of a particular sender which I receive emails often. To avoid confusion, such rules which get labelled automatically when they arrive are immediately marked archived. So I only get private message in Inbox. I recommend to use this way if you use IMAP. Advanced IMAP support in Gmail Labs is also highly recommended if you going to do it this way.