Is there anyway to download/update the latest enhancements and bug fixes without the new interface?

As it says in the title

If you are just looking for the latest 6 updated and not the newer 7  here is the web site for releases

I have the latest 6. I would like all the enhancements and fixes of 7 but without the new interface. My wife updated to 7 and the new interface is a step backwards IMO, also she has to ctrl b to see her contacts

Not possible. 
What theme are is your wife using.
Mine has on left tabs for mail,contacts, calendar      Try moving mouse over mail tab (left side)  and right click and you should get a pulldown screen where you can check which tabs are always visible. I have the 3 showing and just click it to jump to contacts  etc

maybe your issue with the new interface is the conversation mode? If you disable it (menu/tools/settings/mail/read and check “Disable conversations”), the interface in v. 7 is pretty darn similar to v. 6.

I agree, the new interface is NOT a benefit. 

It is if you want conversation mode, which was (I think) the most requested enhancement (see my comment below).

Thanks guys for your help, I fixed the contacts and disabled the conversation mode (on my wife’s laptop) now the world is a happier place, lol. But before I leap into V7 are there any other Nasties I need to consider?
I will back up first.
Some time ago I had to get a new hard drive and reinstalled V6 and then did a restore, I ended up with every email in all files being duplicated, the original and one unread (bold) very annoying, (thousands), I tried the deduplicator and that does not work, hoping by going to V7 the deduplicator will work.

EMClient has its own backup facility  Menu-file-backup    Make sure you know where it goes. When I moved it to a new machine I installed the software did not let it convert or set up anything then ran the emclient restore.  Only issue was I lost my home build theme but I had that backed up also. I did not get duplicates as you stated. If you like your ver 6 theme also save it as it may not be there in ver 7. 

Installing Ver 7  one of its steps is to convert ver 6 to ver 7 format make sure it does that for the upgrade.  then reset conversation mode etc.

Here is a link to my theme  Blue fading to light blue with red underlines  white background


great job on the community support on this thread, thank you everyone :slight_smile:

Just to answer the question in the title from our team though - there is no further development being made on eM Client 6.
Users can choose to keep eM Client 6 if it still works for them, but eM Client 7 exists because there are things that could not be repaired in eM Client 6 because some of the key components we were using (ex. the IE core for viewing web content and others).
Thank you for understanding.