Is there any way to export a single calendar event?


I wonder if there is any way to export a single calendar event, instead of the whole selected calendar…
That is useful when you need to import that specific event in another calendar on another device (eg. a phone not able to access gCal).
I’m afraid this is not possible, actually, what would be nice, is the capability to export selected event(s) thanks to an additional option in the right-click menu, what do you think?


there is a Save as option in the right-click menu? Doesn’t it do what you need?

Oops, missed this option, this is actually what I need, thanks.

However, that could be improved in a next version by adding the capability to select more than 1 event and be able to right-click and select “Save as…” to save them all in a single ics file. Currently if I select several events, then I right-click, multi-selection is cleared and only the lastly selected event is kept.
Do you think that could be added in an upcoming version?

It is actually already there. You have to right-click on a currently selected item otherwise the selection is cleared. Try to upgrade to a newer version if it doesn’t work and you have the older one (newest is 5.0.17595)

I have the latest version (5.0.17595), anyway:

  • if I select 2 events (Ctrl + LBM), consequently they both have a black thin frame,
  • right-click on one of them,
  • the black thin frame is removed from the other one,
  • I choose “Save as…” in contextual menu
  • ics file is saved,
  • if I open ics file, only the event that I right-clicked on is listed.

I have tested it right now and it works without any problems. Can you please send me the .ics file? Thank you.

[email protected]

Hi George,

I’ve sent you “lunch.ics”, after having multi-selected 2 recurrent events: “Stop” & “Lunch” and having right-clicked on “Lunch” then chosen “Save as…”.

BTW, I tried to import that ics and, as observed while displaying the file, only the “Lunch” event is duplicated in my calendar, thus highlighting the fact that “Stop” was not saved along with.

Thanks for your help

OK, I will try to simulate it and will let you know …

Hi George,

Thanks for this. Let me know if you don’t succeed in reproducing the issue, then I’ll set up the plumbing for a TeamViewer session. But, those days I’m a bit in a rush, sorry

Thanks for your time George, and for letting me know that’s possible only in the Agenda view!