Is there any Spam Filter active?

Most of the Spam Mails i get are still in the Postbox.
Is there any Spam Filter active or do i have to activate it?
To me it looks like there is really NONE active in emCLient

From the eM Client Knowledgebase:

Well, emClient’s Spam System is absolutely rubbish. OK, u can set Black Lists, but some Mails from a Domain are normal ones and some are Spam. Makes it hard.
And setting Rules?! Honestly, how many Rules u want to set for these?!
Spam Software, the good Ones, are not for free.
So wth should I buy an E-Mail Prog that’s not implemented a good Antispam System that every other Mail Client has?
To me, that makes no sense.
Bit a shame coz rest is, almost, very nice but with that amount of Mails i get every day i get a lot of spam too