Is there an option in eMClient v6 to get back the old windows borders? This Win8 design really drives me nuts...

M Questions related product is emclient 6, but in the list 5.0 is the latest I can select.
So, the recent update reached my computer. I reverted to emclient 5. I really hate this win8 design, and I barely can handle the 1 pixel border when composing a new mail for example. I did not find an option to get back to the older look&feel.
Is there any?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, this is not possible, no matter what theme you will use. eM Client will use Windows 8’s modern UI theme for windows which are not handled by IE core.

We are working on making all windows looks same, but it will take some time before it will be done.


Thanks for the answer. I guess there won’t be an option later, wether I want to use win8 modern ui or not? I think I have to stay with emclient 5.
Is there a way to disable the update notifcations?

Yes, we do not plan to implement option for old border. Also update notifications should be gone in this version… but it looks like some of events still needs to be deleted and created again.