Is there an function like "suggested contacts" as it was in Outlook 2010 the case?

I’m using the eM Client 6.0.21040.0 and I was wondering if there is an function “suggested contacts” like in Outlook 2010 (In case it is unclear have a look here:…). I did found the option “show recipients…” under settings -> Mail -> Compose. But this is “just” collecting it and not storing it in any address book. Personally I would find it great if the addresses could be stored in the address book or even better on a CardDAV address book in a separate group as I don’t want to have these contacts on the standard group because I only loose the overview after time. But I do want to store it on a server so that after a setup or a new installation of a PC I don’t need to think about backup stuff I just have it. I just put it as a question as maybe this exits already but I just couldn’t find it.

The other problem is to delete an address which maybe i mistyped or which is just out of date. So far I know of two solution to do it.

  1. Deleting with the red cross
    I my case I don’t have this option. Were can I enable it?

  2. Going over “show recipients…” under settings -> Mail -> Compose
    This option I have but that’s to time consuming until you get there in case you just want do delete one. And most of the time you just want to delete one as basically the feature is good and you want to use it but from time to time the e-mail address is either outdated or you mistyped it and have to resend it.

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to automatically save the cached recipients into a CardDAV folder, however you can save the recipients from the “Recipients history” window into contacts, by selecting the recipients you want to save in the window (using CTRL) and right click the selection and select “Save to Contacts”.

You can view and edit the recipients history in the window and delete contacts you may have mistyped or don’t want to see in suggestions anymore.

Contacts that don’t have the red cross next to them when typing it’s name into the To field, are not in the recipients history but should be located in one of your contacts folder.

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Thanks for the input about how to save the contacts.
But what do you think about the following idea. Saving into a CardDAV folder it’s not possible but saving on CardDAV Server is possible. Save the contacts flat would be possible if the eM Client would offer to choose a CalDAV Server where the contacts are being saved as a default. Like that the contacts would be at least flat on the CalDAV server. In addition it would be great if the eM Client would just create a distribution list (e.g. cached-contacts or letting choose an already existing distribution list can be chosen) and the contacts are being added to that distribution list. Like that the contacts are being at least a bit separated. The only thing which is missing is that you would be able to delete contacts out of a distribution list over the right mouse button for example. At the moment it’s only possible to remove contacts but not to delete them. But I think to delete directly member out of a distribution list is anyway a good option as in a distribution list you have a better overview because usually it’s a subset from he whole list. But I think this could be added to the eM Client (see screenshot).

The options about view and edit the recipients history I saw as well. Thanks for that.

Sorry but I don’t see any red cross, have a look on the screenshots.
Here what I have in the recipients history. I checked it this address I don’t have on any address book.

Here what I see when opening an new e-mail. Don’t see any red cross.

Thank you for the suggestion we’ll consider improving this in future releases of eM Client.



Please let me know how I can resolve the problem with the red cross (last comment section in my previous comment) or if it’s a bug on the eM Client which you have to resolve.

Hi again, if the red cross is not included in the auto-complete feature, the contact is located in one of your contacts folders so you have to remove it from your contacts.

If not is it possible this contact is in your Global Address Book on your server or is a member of your company/private domain?

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Finally I found the problem why I don’t see the red cross. I did a clean installation on another Laptop with Windows 7 with eM Client 6.0.21372.0. There it was working. Then I went back to my other computer and I realised that if you enlarge it to more than 100% (e.g. 125%) then you won’t see the red cross (see screenshots).

Windows 7, display size 100%:

eM Client where the red cross is visible:

Windows 7, display size 125%

eM Client where the red cross is not visible:

The same behaviour you can also be found on Windows 8.1. But to see the red cross in Windows 8.1 you need to switch too smallest size.

Windows 8, smallest item size:

eM Client where the red cross is visible:

Windows 8, normal item size:

eM Client where the red cross is not visible:

In Windows 7 you need bigger display size if you’re using a 4K screen. With the standard display size the font size is only about 9pt. You could increase the font size manually but unfortunately you can’t increase the font size of the taskbar and of certain contents of dialog boxes. For that additional tools are required.

In Windows 8.1 you could work with the setting “smallest item size” at least in my case but it always depends what resolution your Laptop has.

I hope that this can be handled in a different way for future versions or if you know another workaround just let me know.

Thank you for reporting this issue, I’ve forwarded the report to the developers for a possible solution to upcoming releases of eM Client. Sorry for the inconvenience while using advanced scaling level, we’ll be working on a fix for this issue.

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Another but similar problem is when you’re using only bigger font size on Windows 7.

Windows 7, normal scaling, but bigger font size (Segoe UI, Size: 11. Used for all window elements).
Just the prefix field is visible.

Windows 7, normal scaling, normal font size (Segoe UI, Size: 9. Used for all window elements).
All fields are visible.

Not really a solution but an additional help could be if you allow the “del”. As an example you could type then Test and all entries with Test are being shown as it’s already the case now. With the arrow keys you’re able to scroll through. That’s currently as well possible. Now it would be great to delete with the key “del” an address which you don’t want to have anymore in the system. Outlook is offering this solution. Like that no mouse is needed and you’re faster.

That doesn’t resolve the problem with the hidden red cross but it would make it more efficient.

Thank you for reporting this display issue, we’re working on an upcoming release of eM client which should include an improved high-DPI support and hopefully should improve this behavior with adjusted scaling levels.

Thank you,