Is there an answer to the crashing?

After upgrading from 7.9 to 8.2.1659 emc constantly crashes. I’ getting ready to switch back before the 30n day mbg expires. Is there any single reason or answer for the crashing or will this likely take a long time to stabilize?

Perhaps if you stated in detail what “crash” errors you are seeing, someone may offer help.

This does not seem to be a common problem or known bug. eMclient has never crashed for me. Zero. The most likely culprit is using a crap antivirus like Avira or perhaps AVG. They cause lots of problems. I’d be scared of McAfee as well. Another possible issue would be a backup program set to automatically backup whenever a file changes getting into a problem with email that is constantly changing and perhaps changing faster than the backup can backup.

So, yes, it’ll probably take awhile to find out what is the odd situation in your computer causing this. If either antivirus or backup could be it, try disabling them for an hour or two and see if you still have crashing issues.

If so, then what exactly is happening when you crash and as @sunriseal requested, what is the error message?