Is there an actual eMClient tech available to talk to instead of just posting my problem and hoping another user has an answer?

When I am deleting my emails it automatically deletes the next one in line before I can look at it. How do I stop this? Why isn’t there a representative to talk to from eMClient?

This often happens if you delete emails from the Inbox. I find it better to open the email and then delete it, if you want to. This only deletes the one you have open. Technical support from eMClient is only available if you pay if you pay for the program.

Do you think this is in anyway related to the email provider, John? I have read where users mention this, but I have never experienced it (yet).

Loy, John is correct in that dedicated support from eM Client is available for Pro License users only. Free License users do not normally have that option, but do have support from the community right here on this forum. If you are like me you probably never read these things, but it is mentioned either in the Free License agreement, or when installing the application. :wink: