Is there a way to turn off the calendar's default reminder?

I use the calendar to book 10+ client appointments on a daily basis for myself but even though I set it to “no reminder” in the event box, it still defaults to 10 minutes once I save it. I have to re-open the event after it has been saved and re-change it back to “no reminder”. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

The default is suppose to be ‘no reminder’. Please try version 4:…

It has number of fixes and improvement over the calendar function.

I am using version 4. What happens is when I create an event, it is preset to “no reminder” but when I hit save, it appears in my calendar with a clock beside it. I double click to open and there is a reminder in it. I have to then change it back to no reminder and save for it to not have one.

Hello Jillian,

  1. is this a Google Calendar?
  2. If it indeed is, please go to Tools->Accounts->select the account->click Calendar and Contacts. Do you see a field called Address(CalDAV / CardDAV)?
  3. Are those single events or recurring?

Libor Grafnetr

no one in this thread ever explained how to set a default reminder time!!!

It is not possible at the moment, but we have this feature in our Feature request list, so you can expect it in one of the next updates.

Is it possible to turn off reminders in Em Client? I found this discussion and would like to know what the outcome has been?

Hi Mark, are you referring to the ‘Default Reminder’ setting value or the reminder notification?

Hi there TNCS the reminder notification.

There’s the balloon notification setting under under the menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Calendar.

As for which calendar to show under ‘Agenda’ simply point your cursor to the Agenda tab/button, and click on the nuts/bolt icon, and simply tick or un-tick the ones you wishes to use.

Hopes this is what you looking for.

Thanks. This wasn’t quite what I was looking for it’s the pop up reminders you get when an appointment is coming up, in certain apps you can cancel all reminders. The only option in Em Client is dismiss, I’m trying to disable this function altogether.

I am sorry but you cannot disable Reminders - this option has not been implemented yet.