Is there a way to turn off inconsistency check?

Trying the 2.6 RC… is there a way to turn off this *&^% check?

Installed, first start: complains about some errors, click on Continue, shuts down and starts this check… tells me there’s something incosistent, contact Support… I thought it was my old (v2.0) profile so I moved it off my App Data and restarted eM. It nicely created a new profile, started adding my accounts, after like 3-4 I decided it’s OK for today, let’s sync down everything and initiated a full download for the first one… started working, fine. Lert’s do a FB import while it’s downloading - done, nice.
Then suddenly bang, froze up and I only had a choice to kill the process… restarted and now this goddamn inconsistency is back again…

UPDATE: it seems all my journal files are zero-sized… deleted all of them and eM started up fine again. Nice.

I have been wating for version 2.6 to check it out before possible eM purchase.
Can you please let me know where you got the 2.6 rc, so I can at least preview the upgraded and new features?
Thank you

See here:…

Thank you for the pointer. I will check it out.

where did you find your profile?
I have the same problem and it maybe bc off the profile, so where can I delete it?

It’s under your Users (WIn7/Vista) or Documents and Settings (WinXP) folder: %username%/appdata/roaming/em client/ (Win7/Vista) or %username%/application data etc (WinXP)…