Is there a way to sync rules between clients on multiple pcs?

My title says it all. I know there are probably folders I can sync myself in google drive so all my pcs have these rules. But I was actually looking for a built-in feature. Does anyone know if this exists?

The IMAP settings should do that. You setup you email for IMAP, instead of POP3. With that said, a client of mine used to use Windows Live mail and “sent” items synced, I have them on eM Client version 7 (since Live is no longer available) and it appears that “sent” items are not syncing.

Unfortunately there is no way to sync just the rules as a built-in feature, nor it is very reliable to do it manually.  IMAP does not sync the rules, sorry.

You can copy the rules.dat file across, but you will probably find that the rules are broken unless conditions like folders and categories etc are identical on all PCs.

I’m confused how “rules” applies to the “sent” items?

Hey Kent. I think you posted your reply in the wrong conversation. The OP was asking how to sync rules between computers. You said that IMAP should do that.

sorry, I have another question going on 

They should be identical as far as I know as I have created them all on gmail first. Will give it a try, and sync the file somehow