Is there a way to submit a bug request (ver 8 Windows) as a free licence user?

I want to find out if the misbehavior of searching such that results of a sent folder are not displaying the To: field is considered a bug. I don’t have a premium licence and can’t see a way to report this.

Original forum post link: To: column not displayed when searching sent items

Can anyone help?

I use EM Client V8.2751 for Windows and (do see) the To: field in the search results sent folder emails.

What version are you running and are you using Windows or Macintosh.

Windows v 8.0.2685


I will try and update to 8.2751 and see if anything changes.

I installed 8.2751 onto a second windows pc and I get the same behaviour. The original machine running 8.2685 didn’t update to .2751 when I went into the menu and did a check for updates, it reported it was up to date (is that usual when there is a more recent version available?)

I have reported just what you are indicating… it is a problem…

Until they resolve the problem use this link…

Should I download and install 8.2685 over the top of 8.2751as it isn’t picking up the update?

I do/did that, right after I do a backup…

I tried that - it said I already had a more up-do-date version and closed down the new download.

Any idea how long they tend to take to fix these things? I’d kinda like to use my computer again!

I did a backup and downloaded then installed the latest msi. It took me to 8.2751 and I’m happy to report that the sent items columns shown when displaying search results are now as expected.

Great! Glad it worked out for you.

Hmmm - not such great news now.

I can add the to: column to sent items search display but it also affects searches of inbox items.

It seems I have to have both to: and from: colums set for both types of items for it to be at all workable - and it isn’t ideal.

I’ve tried copying the column display settings to different folders, but that doesn’t work.

So, I feel a little bit further forward but still have the issue.