Is there a way to show images instead of automatically making them attachments?

Hi - I couldn’t find an answer directly related to my question. I don’t like it when I paste an image in an email message and its instantly converted to an attachment. I’ve gone through settings and can’t find a switch that works.

What type of attachment are you inserting?  Mine shows the image in the body of the message.

When I grab an image [print screen] [paste in Paint] [select] [copy] and paste in inside a new email it instantly creates an attached file. I’ve messed around with Windows 7 to see if there is a setting controlling this I come up with nothing…  I know there is a setting in eM that asks, in effect, do you want to display images, and it is set to allow me to see ALL images and content.

Update - While I was writing this I had an idea to check the settings under Mail > Compose > Mail Format > NEW MAIL FORMATS AS: Text/HTML. I changed the setting to HTML and images can now be pasted into the body of the email.

Thanks Jay

Yes, plain text messages will never display embedded graphics, they will always be indicated as attachments. You can switch between the two methods while composing a message by selecting Menu > Message > Format.