Is there a way to set the default charset?

Some emails in Asian languages come in fine, presumably bec they have the correct charset in their headers. But others do not – yet they display fine in other mail clients, e.g. on the iPad. I suspect that is bec of the default charset selected by eM Client. Is there a way to change this, e.g. to UTF-8?

Hi, the encoding of the message depends on what is set in that message? Can you send me an exported message that you’re having an issue with to my email ([email protected])?
The default encoding can’t be changed, we encode the message automatically by their encoding, but we have few exceptions that are not supported.

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Thanks. I forwarded you an alternate similar example to the original msg of interest, which is somewhat personal.

I should point out that my original post was incorrect. It appears that both examples are HTML bodies that specify a charset as an HTML meta tag but not in the Content-Type (and they were euc-kr, not UTF-8):

Content-Type: text/html;Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable




Hi, I’ve checked the message you’ve sent me but the issue is held within the message, the encoding there is improperly used and probably is caused by the “Internet Mail Service” service the sender was using.

The encoding can’t be changed manually, unfortunately, the feature is being considered for future releases, but nothing has been planed or promised yet.

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