Is there a way to set em client to always download all pictures for all messages regardless?

As the title says, its getting annoying having to click the link to download pictures for every mail i receive.
Is there not a setting to always download all pictures from all mails received…

There are three ways to enable this: per sender, for all contacts or globally.

To enable automatic downloading of pictures for a specific sender, click on the always download pictures from this sender that appears in the message header. This will add the sender to a whitelist and will always download pictures in their emails.

The other options are to enable it globally or for all your contacts. These you will find in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy. Be aware that if you choose to display all unsafe content, tracking images in spam emails will activate the links and notify the spammer.

Recently had to reinstall windows 10 to new ssd, I was using windows live mail, But is no longer supported by MS and will not install when downloaded.

So far I like em client. its not too fancy and suites my needs just like wlm did.

Thank You.