Is there a way to select which folders to sync in IMAP?

I would like to be able to select which folders to Sync, similar to that in WLM “include this folder in send receive”

If you are using gmail, you can go to the gmail web interface, go to settings and labels and uncheck “Show in IMAP” for any folder you do not want to display.  This will, however, keep the folder from displaying, which might not be what you want.  Other than that, not much you can do.

It would more comfortable if it was possible to make this selection from the client: you not always have access to the server to place such configuration (when allowed).
I switched from Outlook to eM to get access to IMAP but I may switch back as there is so many folders on ou server and I personally need only a few of them: all are displayed in eM interface.


That might not display the folder Jay, but do the messages still sync with eM Client as part of the All Mail folder?

Hi Gary:  Yes, it does still sync in the All Mail folder.

Hi R1M,

Thank you for this idea. We already have this feature request listed so I just added your vote to it so it can be considered while developing new versions of eM Client.


How do you set the integration time for such request?


It usually depends on number of customers requesting it and a relative time difficulty so I can’t say for sure.


any update?
my IMAP database is 45GB large, with 2 copies (backup) + temporary file during fixing at startup… My harddisk is not large enough to receive all the data, where more than 80% are useless.

I replied to your duplicate question on another thread.