Is there a way to make the icons, font (tool bar) larger?

OS: windows 7 home 64 bit

I have a hard time seeing the tool bar because every thing is to small.

I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment.

Was just looking for the same question: Consider the icon size used on a 1980x1050 display on a 13" like a zenbook. :wink: They are SMALL.

We are aware of this issue, but unfortunately, I cannot provide you any solution at the moment. We will try to make it more user friendly in the future.

I got so sick of using another email client. This one works great, however, the size of the icons are so small. Tried using my Zoom, it doesn’t work on this application. I may go back to Thunderbird for that reason.

Hi Harlan, I’m sorry the current setup does not match your preferences, however we’re working on a new release of the application, that includes a completely new UI including icons etc. you can even check out the preview on our facebook page.

Hope you like it,

have you found the solution yet?  It works on one of my computers and on the other, it doesn’t!

Not yet.