Is there a way to have emClient resize inserted images automatically before sending?

My clients are mostly seniors who are very non-technical, and this is a question frequently asked of me. Since discovering emClient, I believe this to be the perfect Windows client except for this missing feature - the ability to select small,medium, large on an inserted image like in live mail. Outlook is expensive if you don’t need all the features and Windows 10 mail is too simple and unintuitive for people coming from Windows Live Mail (yes they still exist!). If emClient could resize photos before sending then it would be perfect.

its already there…

* select one or more pictures
* right-click “sent to” - “eMail recipient”
* a Window pop up: 

then the Images are resized…
after that the Message-Window is shown:



what Fritz describes is a very handy work-around provided by Windows itself.
As for eM Client, we do not have a resize option for attachments. You should however be able to change the size of inlined images by dragging the sides.


you mean that “resizing-Thing” which I posted in Screenshots is NOT part of your Software?
this is provided by Windows 8.1 ?

I am surprised…


To select a size in the windows pop up menue is way better than “dragging the sides”. But the selected size (1024x768 in the example above) is only valid for landscape orientation. It will resize a portrait orientated photo to 467x768. But on the other hand, resizing photos while retaining most of the image quality is no trivial task. I would not trust an email client nor windows to do that . I use my photo editing program to do any necessery resizing.

“Peter Funken” - r u german?

In case you are:  There is a life besides “ultimate perfectness”  ;-)


Yes, I am. Typically German “ultimate pefectness” also demands that _German _is spelled with Capital G ;-).
To my excuse, i am a serious amateur photographer and take image quality very seriously.

I just wanted to share an update on this: resizing images will be a new feature for version 7.1, which should be released by the end of the year.


Apparently there is a bug with emClient and Windows 10, because it no longer works (if it ever did) to use the Windows “send to mail recipient” feature.  Even after making emClient the default mail app, trying to send anything with the “send to mail recipient” menu option in Windows results in an error about the default mail client being unable to handle the request.

When exactly is the 7.1 version supposed to be released?  I thought you said it would be out by the end of the year (2016).

Sorry for the somewhat harsh tone.  I’ve just spent quite a bit of time helping someone to migrate from Mailbird to emClient because of a lack of needed features in Mailbird, and now we’ve run into this issue where a simple photo attachment can’t be resized (either within the software or using the built-in Windows mail-to feature).

This is more of a Windows issue than eM Client. You must have .net framework 3.5 installed. See this thread for more detail:…

Also, be aware that eM Client will not show itself as the default mail handler in it’s own settings, but it is.

Yes, and you have to make shure that the MAPI checkbox is checked.

But that being said, it cannot be a Windows bug that emClient doesn’t work with the latest .net framework!