Is there a way to have an Account only for sending Mails, getting Mails shoud not be allowed!

i had an client asking for that.
There should be a ONLY sending Account, they are organized to have one central Mail Incomming Account. The “Incomming Master” delivers the mail to the right persons - an internal Mailbox.

In Thunderbird there is such a function.

you should be able to disable the receiving service in Tools > Accounts > select your account > POP or IMAP tab, scroll down and uncheck the enable service settings.

Thank you,

Hi Paul!

Thank you for your quick answer.
yes, yes i now about this option.

But it is easy for Users to switch the option on and off.
That ́s not really an option.

Otherwise you can set a password for editing user account ́s.
But not seen in there.

regards - Johann

you can password protect the whole application so no-one unwanted can access your data, but unfortunately you can’t password protect just the settings.

I hope this is not a big obstacle and you can still manage using the application with the current settings.

Maybe if you’d like to see this feature, you can add this as an “Idea” to our forum and we might add it in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

OK, i did it.
best wishes - Johann