Is there a way to delete messages directly from the server?

Is there a way to view the server directly and delete messages directly on the server with eM Client? I leave a copy on the server until deleted folder but if I want the message saved on the computer I don’t want to put it in the trash folder.

Hope this reply is not going to get me into trouble by recommending a product that will solve your problem…but here goes…I us a product called “MailWasher”. It is by a group in Australia called “Firetrust”. The product allows you to look at the emails on multiple accounts and delete the ones you do not want prior to downloading to your email client. You can “wash” your emails then set the program to bring up EMClent and download the remaining. It works well and has done a great job for me.

My present email software, Pocomail allows me to view and delete mail on the server while leaving the mail in my inbox intact. This was also the way former products Courier and Calapso worked for me. I like eM Client but I want to be able to delete messages off the server without impacting my eM Client inbox.
Also, why is there a yellow label “Doesn’t need answer” attached to this question.

PocoMail is now defunct and not being worked on. They are no longer supporting the product in case you did not know. I still have it and would still be using it if it were supported. There were some issues that were being worked on when Slaven just quit. Too bad, it was a nice client/

I’ve wanted to get away from Pocomail myself because it’s stagnated for quite a while. I like Outlook and I like eM Client but I prefer how Pocomail allows you to access the server directly to delete messages.
I often leave messages in my inbox because I will respond to them later but don’t want so many messages cluttering the server. I also file many messages, especially receipts where I’ve purchase something or I have a registration code.

I am sorry but manual deleting of messages from the server is not possible at the moment. The only thing I can recommend is to decrease the interval for Deleting messages from the server in account settings.