Is there a translation tool in EM client?

I receive emails in Spanish and would like to easily translate them into English. I also would like to send emails in Spanish and would like to use the em client tool for  this also.

There are third party apps out on the Internet that can do translations.  You might have to copy and paste a bit to get the translation.  There are also apps that can take what you type as a reply and change it into the language you need.  So, this is doable but takes some time and work to do. Here’s a short example using Google’s Gmail translator where one much be using a gmail account:

However, it would be a wonderful feature for eM Client to have, but they might need a larger customer base with a greater demand to make it happen, as there are many languages and it would take a lot of programming, not to mention being able to understand the languages being translated for consistency.  

A better idea might be for eM Client to work with a company that has already created an app that does that kind of thing and have it redesigned specifically for eM Client to be an add-on feature that would allow direct translations from within eM Client seamlessly.  As an add-on, it could be purchased separately for those who need it.

Hello Deborah,
while current version of eM Client cannot translate your emails for you, this feature is actually implemented in the upcoming version 7 as you can read on our Blog.
Version 7 is currently undergoing public BETA testing.


we already included this feature for the upcoming version 7 using the Bing translator Tool as you can read on our Blog.


Fantastic!  :)