Is there a shortcut for saving an event?

Other email programs I’ve used (Outlook, Thunderbird) had a shortcut for saving an event.  Can’t seem to find it in eM.  Unless I’m missing something - I don’t see a shortcut for save an event in the shortcut list. There is a shortcut for creating a new all-day event, but that’s it.  Would make life so much easier!

Hi Bonnie, what do you mean by saving an event? Do you want to save it locally to your computer or can you please explain what exactly do you have in mind?

Thank you,

I’m in the calendar.  I press CTRL-N to get a new blank event.  I fill in the event. What I want to know is if there is a shortcut so that I don’t have to click the Save button.  In other applications I"ve used there was a keyboard shortcut to save an event.  My calendar is my iCloud calendar if that makes a difference. Thanks.

Ok, this is unfortunately not supported at the moment, so you can not set a shortcut for saving an event.
Maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,