Is there a setting to manually download new mail

  • I use Mailwasher Pro 7 and my last email platform had a setting to manually download mail after I deleted what I didn’t want there and “washed” it.  Mailwasher would open my email program but wouldn’t download mail automatically; I clicked a button to begin the download.  Does eM Client have a setting to keep mail from downloading automatically every time it arrives on the server? The whole purpose of Mailwasher is to have the option of deleting it before it can download to my computer and I don’t see an option for this in eM Client.

Hi Ruth

I know what you mean having used email clients that don’t download the mail
as soon as they’re started and have used Mailwasher.

The only reliable way I found is to set eM Client off-line via Menu - File - tick Work Offline.
If you close eMC in that status , it will startup that way too.
When you want the mail coming in or other choices , click the dropdown arrow next to Refresh.
That will take you online and sync according to your choice.

When finished sync’ing set it back to Work Offline.

One side  benefit - for me at least - is that eMC starts a lot faster since it doesn’t
have to deal with the sync’íng when starting.

A negative  is that there’s also no button in eMC to toggle Offline -Online as that  also exists
in some other email clients.-You have to do it manually,
Partly offset by the Refresh button.

If you can live with that then you can use MW…


Downloading manually is possible only with POP3. If your account is setup as IMAP or Exchange, you will be connected permanently to the mail server.

For information on setting up different protocols, please see the [Help File](| _____ 3) (F1).

Hi Gary,

The method I described works regardless of protocol POP or IMAP.
Tried it on Win 10 before I wrote my drivel - haha 
I use IMAP.

Yes, so does pulling the Internet cable out of the router. :wink:

The only way to manually receive, without disconnecting from the Internet, is to use POP3. Using Offline mode does not really work because so many things beside downloading new messages are dependent on your Internet connection.

Content in the messages may not be downloaded at the time you go offline. Then every time you want to view a message, you have to go online, and that may download messages that Mailwasher has not yet processed.

At the same time, other services like your synced calendar and contacts will be offline, so you cannot accept or create events to which you invite others, nor will you get other updates in your calendar. That change you just made to the contact in your phone will not sync with your eM Client contacts.

Avatars will not be downloaded, updates will not be applied, you cannot set your out of office notification, etc. . . . . .

Thank you, Peter.  I saw the “offline” option, so I will try that.  Maybe it’s something eMC will consider in future releases, adding a toggle switch for online-offline.

Thank again!


Gary, I DO have my mail set up in POP3 mode.  I changed it yesterday from IMAP.  Since I am using this only for personal use and I’m a simple person, syncing calendar events and contact and creating events, etc. isn’t something I need to do.  Thanks for your input! 

And I’m not sure if this is a Mailwasher or eMC issue, but when I DO open eMC and my mail downloads, it downloads everything as though I never deleted any mail in Mailwasher before “washing” and opening eMC.  I’m giving a few minutes after “washing” mail before I open eMC, giving it a chance to process out the deleted mail, but I’m either not waiting long enough or it’s just not working at all.  So frustrating!

Okay, Gary, you’re right about going offline.  I clicked on a message I downloaded a few minutes ago and the content was not there.  I had to “Refresh” to go back online to view it.  But… having POP3 isn’t helping because when I “wash” my mail and then open eMC, the mail downloads without a prompt.  Why, oh why, did Incredimail have to desert their program???

Geez Mailwasher sound like a nitemare program lol

Yeah, it’s old-fashioned technology from before filters and spam detection were available. It depends on the user’s lightning fast reaction time. :wink:

First their application connects to your server mailbox, and applies it’s filters. Then you need to immediately launch your email client and download your mail. If you wait even a second, mail might arrive at your server that has not yet been washed. Then you need to make sure your mail client does not connect to the server again. You have to do this every time before collecting your email. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

It was not designed to work with IMAP or Exchange, as those two protocols require a permanent connection to the server. 

Fortunately most providers now offer really good spam detection. Google uses artificial neural networks to detect spam in real-time, and this is something no desktop application can match.

Yes agree Gary most good ISP & Cloud mail servers like Gmail as you said have really good spam filtering. Years ago i used to use Mail Washer and other optional Spam filtering programs , but didn’t really work well and my friends and i just ended up auto forwarding our old pop mail server accounts to Gmail & other major IMAP mail servers with spam filtering built-in.

Other than that i just setup the odd rules in EM Client which also works good too.

Ok, I understand this. My problem now is that mail I have marked for deletion in Mailwasher is being downloaded when I open email. This may be a Mailwasher issue, but I’m not savvy enough to figure it out.

Cuberzork- Mailwasher worked perfectly when I used Incredimail.

eM Client will download/sync whatever is in the server Inbox, so if Mailwasher has not removed it, eM Client will retrieve it.

Well, then eMC and Mailwasher don’t cooperate with one another when it comes to NOT allowing emails marked for deletion to be downloaded once eMC is opened.  I have tried working ofline and then clicking “refresh” after opening, and that doesn’t work either.  Emails marked for deletion, washed, and then removed from the Mailwasher site are still downloading into eMC.  I literally watch the marked items delete from Mailwasher when I click “Wash” and they STILL show up in eMC.

Suggestion Ruth - If Mailwasher worked when you tied Incredimail (as you said) then sounds like you either need to go back to that client or remove Mailwasher (which i would recommend) & continue to use EM Client.

Incredimail is no longer in business so I can’t go back to it.  I finally got it to work correctly on my office computer so I will check what settings I’m using there and apply them on my home computer.  Thanks for the input!

Ruth, as a Pro License user, please open a support ticket directly with eM Client if you are not able to get it working. They will be able to assist you further.

Thank you, I will do that if I can’t replicate the settings I have at work.