Is there a list of recent folders I have used with Move?

New here from Thunderbird.

I regularly ‘move’ messages from mi inbox to a suitable folder. TB gives me a list of about ten folders I have used recently and it often saves going back to the full list.

Is there something similar in eMClient ?

London UK

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Have you considered setting up rules to move those emails instead of the manual effort?

I considered it but I like to see them when they come in - and mark the ones that need attention or a reply.

Nice idea though.

I am a big proponent for rules… use them heavily in my setup.

You can still do the same “marking” in the folders you move them to. The emails remain as unread and if you set the folders properties to “show if unread” those folders would display right below the “inbox” folder.

Just some ‘food for thought’… :wink: :grinning:

Always interested in new ideas.

How would you flag them as needing attention?

I hate forgetting to reply as it looks rude.


In your other reply you indicated that you already “mark” them… unless I misread your response. However you are doing now would also work in the folder the rule sent the email to.

As for how I would “flag” them, I just mark them as unread and that folder will remain unhidden until ALL messages are read/replied to.


I’ll give it a think. I have probably a hundred folders,


As do I and about 100 rules… all my folders are set to “show if unread”… time invested in setting up the rules/folders well worth it in the end… no messy folder list, etc…