Is the Sync2eM license included when purchasing a license for eM Client?

I purchased a license for eM Client, and now I am unsure if the pro license for eM Client includes the Sync2eM service or if I am running on a trial license?

Hello, you are using the trial license, that expires with the end of this year. PRO license doesn’t include the Sync2eM service.

Hmm, and the annual price for your Sync2em feature is 49 dollars?

I can see that Outlook can sync calendar and tasks etc. with iCloud. That’s interesting … wait … eM Client is supposed to be an Outlook killer, so when will you guys support iCloud? iCloud is a free service (up to 5 GB), I think you have to rethink your strategy/pricing of Sync2eM. Trying to charge 49 dollars per year for a sync service seems s bit naive in these days with free Dropboxes etc. :slight_smile:

Dropbox is a bad example since it only a cloud file service. But yeah, I agree, Sync2EM is way too expensive compare to lot of other offerings.

emClient can also sync with iCloud. I am using this for calendar and contacts. Please have a look here:…