Is possible make synchronization with live (hotmail) callendar ?


no it isn’t possible because hotmail uses pop3 protocol and this protocol doesn’t support synchronization for calendar.


Milos Kovalcik.

sry, but why other apps could do that?

What applications do you have in mind?

Windows Live Mail uses a proprietary DeltaSync protocol to access Hotmail. Since this protocol is not documented we couldn’t implement it.

Recently Hotmail added ActiveSync support which is used by mobile devices to synchronize calendars and contacts. Unfortunately we don’t implement it yet and currently we don’t have any plans to implement it due to licensing issues.

Well, maybe you should stop advertising it in your features overview. “Full support for all email servers and services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail…)” “Synchronize your e-mails (IMAP/POP3) or even Calendars and Contacts with various servers and services”

Get on the ball with some truth in marketing…