Is my primary account counted as 1 account?

Just installed the free version to replace Thunderbird, and I like eM Client a lot.  What I need to know, is if my primary account (ATT.NET) is counted as 1 account, or are my 2 other accounts, Hotmail and Gmail, the 2 additional accounts to my primary (ATT.NET) account?  Do I have a total of 3 accounts and will not be able to use the free version after 30 days?

If you have 3 accounts setup in eM Client, then you have 3 accounts…1 more than allowed for the free version of eM Client.

Hi exactly, if you’re still in the trial period, you can use unlimited number of accounts for 30days, after this period you’ll have to purchase a license in order to use more than two accounts.

Thank you,