Is LinkedIn integration planned?

In my quest to find the ideal email client, I find eM Client to be pretty good. At first, the lack of conversation view was a concern, but after using the Contact Details on the right pane and seeing the conversation history (and attachments), that’s what I really need.

The contact panel reminds me of Xinbo (or the SocialMail Thunderbird plugin). What would be REALLY NICE is if the contat information could include pulling public contact information (including the photo) from LInkedIn. I’m almost considering just going back to Outlook for the Xinbo and LinkedIn plugins.

It seems eM Client tries to position itself as the Outlook replacement and so far, I think it’s doing a pretty good job. But, as another poster stated, LinkedIn is the business Social Network, not Facebook.

As a softare developer, I’d be willing to add this myself if eM Client offers user creatable plugins, but I don’t see that it does, correct?


Unfortunately, we do not plan LinkedIn integration and nor the plugins support.

Thanks for the response George.

Let me be clear please…

I’m asking if eM Client will be able to grab the contact info and photo from LinkedIn, the same way it does for Facebook?

If the answer is still “no”, how come? Clearly many people are requesting this feature as I saw when I searched the forums.

I understand what you are asking for but we really cannot implement each feature required by our customers. When sufficient demand is there, we try to meet it so I recommend you to create an Idea on this forum and let people vote for it.

Richard is right. I was also looking for a Outlook replacement and i found the eM Cliet, but the social connector to linkedin is the feature that is missing.


Unfortunately we really do not plan to integrate linkedIn or another social/work sites in close future.

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I’m also in the same boat, find eM Client a good replacement of Outlook, however, my entire contact and client base is on LinkedIn so it would be an excellent addition to be able to link their email addresses to my LinkedIn account on eM Client


I understand you why do you need it, but my previous answer still pays.

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I come from years of Outlook use as well and LinkedIn linking is one of the few big things that seems be missing from eM client.

Everybody interested, please vote for the feature here

“Import contacts from LinkedIn”…

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“Import contacts from LinkedIn”.

Title speaks for itself - I love the Facebook import but clearly LinkedIn is the choice for professional networking… this is the last thing eM needs to become the greatest client ever. :):slight_smile:


I have merged both topics so we will have much better view over requested features.

Please if possible then use topic already created before making new, especially with new Ideas.


Hi eMClient.
Are you still not considering adding LinkedIn plugin?
It will come in very handy for users