Is it possible to sync iCloud contacts and calendars with eM Client


Yes, it is possible. Simply open Tools - Accounts - New account - Calendar/Contacts and follow the instruction on the screen.

Does this mean the “Forbidden” message when uploading new/changed calendar items has been fixed? I still have this problem and the client says I have the latest version.

Contact me directly at I will send you the fixed version. (it has not been released officially yet)

I just finished switching over to google calendar from icloud because of this problem, so I can wait for the official release. However, I do find it a bit dishonest to tell Stuart (and the world) that “Yes, it is possible.” when the only version actually working properly has not been released yet.

But the “Forbidden” message did not appear to all users - it happened in a specific use case.

I followed the instructions by George Wilson and succeeded easily. But now I have two calendars, one under “iCloud” and second under “Local Folder”. How do I sync them?

It is not possible - Local calendars cannot be synchronized with any other calendars. You can simply copy all the events from Local calendar to iCloud, disable Local folders and keep using the iCloud calendar only.

But then I will not have any local copy, right? So, the true answer to this topic would be “No, it is not possible”. Accessing the iCloud calendar is something quite different from syncing. For this I can use the iCloud’s web interface.

Well, I have to admit that my original sheer enthusiasm got serious cracks. Would be nice if you managed to convince me that I’m wrong.

I have to disagree - I think synchronization means that the two different copies of the same calendar are synchronized. Local calendars are named local mainly because they are not connected to any server based service.

Okay, I agree, more or less. Let me elaborate a bit: the synchronization means that the two potentially changing copies are continuously made the same. I hope we agree here.

So, my question is: does eM Client create a local copy of the iCloud calendar? In other words, when I momentarily don’t have any internet connection, will I be able to access it? And upon reconnection the calendars would gets synchronized, regardless of amount of changes made in the meantime on any or both sides?

If yes, phew, what a relief!

(By the way, thanks for your prompt reactions. I’ll have more questions that does not belong to this topic, would you prefer to contact you by e-mail? Or, I can create new topics, of course.)