Is it possible to preview email like Gmail as single line per message in preview panel?

Is it possible to preview email like Gmail such that email and reply under the same subject is grouped together and display as one line of message in preview panel?

Installed and use eM Client for a week now, so far a great experience, especially like the very fast search ! Keep up the great works guys!

Hi, conversation view is not currently an available feature in eM Client, however we’re working on this feature to future releases of eM Client.

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Thank you very much, Paul. I know some people like to be able to view each individual email, while others like the merged view. Personally, I prefer the merged view.  I also notice one convenient is that in Gmail, the merged view combined the replied email also. Which mean I can actually view my reply in InBox also. I think it is nice. Thanks.

Currently eM Client has a “Communication history” feature, you can view all your past conversations with the selected contact in the sidebar. Select contact details and you should be able to view a list of messages you’ve shared with the recipient/sender.

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