Is it possible to have a mixed e-mail/calendar setup in a single account?

When I first began using eM Client, I had three separate accounts. One for my school e-mail (a POP server), one for my personal Yahoo e-mail (an IMAP setup), and one for my calendar (I have a Google calendar, though no gmail account).

This worked just fine until my trial ran out and with a free license I was restricted to only two accounts.

Since the “calendar” tab for my Yahoo account pointed to a calendar that didn’t exist for me (… e-mail address]) I thought it would be great if I could put my Google calendar info in there and still have access to it in eM Client. This would create a “mixed” account; One that would access a Yahoo e-mail and a Google calendar.

I followed instructions to enter [ Google Calendar ID]/events as the calendar address, and checked the “Use these credentials” box since my password for my calendar is different than for my e-mail, though (confusingly enough) my username for my Google calendar is my Yahoo e-mail address.

But this didn’t work. Trying to sync subfolders always fails with the error “Method Not Allowed.” I’m assuming that it’s the nature of the “mixed” account that’s pulling this error, but can’t be sure.

Any advice?

No it is not possible, but we will change the account restriction behavior in the next major version so the limitation will be applied on the email accounts only.