Is it possible to get individual notifications?

I was hoping to find a new email client to thunderbird.  The one nice thing about it, is that it is still capable of using Growl.  Its ancient, but it still works.  It produces individual notifications for each email you receive.  I see that you have some decent notifications in this app, but when you receive multiple is stacks them all up into one window and I cant see what I have received at a glance.  I have to scroll through the list to check it out.  

Is is possible to get these individual notifications?  or buy chance do you support Snarl?

I am assuming that when you say “Stacks them all” you are describing the message list.  If you have conversation mode turned on for all views, it will condense all message in a conversation on one line in the message list pane.

Try going to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and check “Show conversations in the message detail only”.  this will display each message on a separate line in the message list pane, so you will be able to see each unread email without scrolling.  It will still group them in conversations in the reading pane.

Im talking about notifications, the ones that pop up when you get a new email.  Currently when you get a new email the popup comes up to let you know.  If you get more emails before the first one goes away it will keep the one popup and add a arrow function that lets you scroll through the emails in the one popup.

What I would like, is typically what you would find on mac.  Growl and snarl are addons for several email clients that perform this function.  They generate an individual popup for each notification/email.  They sit above each other until the timer runs out or until you click on them.  This way I can glimpse each individual notification without having to go through the list of emails.

In the photo you can see growl notifications that are stacking, below you can see Em clients and the two pages it shows for each email. Im looking for something more like the ones on the top.  Growl is severely outdated and windows notifications do not last nearly long enough for me.

![]( 9 inline.png?1519167771 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1706544/RackMultipart20180220-114408-1b77fmm-Screenshot__9__inlinepng1519167771”)

Git it.  Thanks for the clarification.  I have no idea whether or not eM Client supports Growl or Snarl, but my guess is no, they do not.  If you have a paid version, try submitting a support ticket on this.  They are pretty quick to respond to those.

There is no way that I am aware of to stack the notifications as you describe them.

Is there an option to change the anchor point of the notification?

If eM Client would be integrated with Windows 10 Action Centre, you could have the same facility you have in Thunderbird using the GNotify add-on. But it is not clear if this integration will ever take place.