Is it possible to get a unified calendar view?

I have emclient going to my work email (o365/exchange) and gmail.  Mail gives me a unified inbox showing incoming email from both sources.  The calendar view forces me to pick either google calendar or our business exchange calendar.  Is it possible to get a unified view of the two calendars?



By default the calendar view should be unified. You should see both calendars in the same view, probably in different colors.

Sadly, it is not.  Somehow it must have switched away from default, and I cannot find the way to switch back.  Thanks

Go to the calendar tab and make sure the ticks are selected next to the calendars you want to view.

Right above where yours says Gary Curtin, mine has another name- epw@pennmedicine.  Completely separate set of calendars, and I cannot seem to get both sets to be active at the same time.

Sure. Gary Curtin or @pennmedicine - these are just the account names set in account settings. Gary Curtin is my calendar on my IMAP account (google), and Local Folders is my local calendar.

Have you have selected your two calendars by checking the tick boxes as above? Clicking on the name will only show that calendar. Make sure you click on the actual box.

Ah!  Now I see how that works.  Forgive my ignorance.  I’m a recent convert from Thunderbird.  Was actually quite happy with TBird, but our IT guys were moving the email server from Zimbra to Office365, TBird was not going to work.