Is it possible to disconnect the calendar?

Once out of two I get a calendar error, and don’t even use it or need (like so many people). Is it possible to disconnect it (stop sync for calendar). Btw, I am using version 6.0.23421.0 with Windows 7.

you cannot disable the calendar when your account is set up as AirSync.
However, if you set up your account as IMAP the connection to the Calendar won’t even be set up. You can manually set up your account as IMAP through Tools>Accounts>New Account>Mail>Other and choose the IMAP protocol for your Incoming server setting.


Hi Olivia,
Thank you for your answer, it does work! The problem thought is that it seems not to sync the contacts anymore. 

Hi JM,
I apologise, I forgot to mention that Contacts need AirSync as well. However, we found out that the problems with AirSync that are beginnin to pop up (especially with calendar) is caused by Microsoft discontinuing DeltaSync for their hotmal/outlook/live email accounts (which is crucial for AirSync to work correctly).
We are working on a fix to sync Calendars and Contacts over IMAP for current version of eM Client, as that will be the only way to sync Microsoft mail accounts soon.
So you’ll either need to use IMAP and stay without synced calendars for a while or use AirSync until it’s discontinued and deal with the calendar error messages (error message can be disabled from popping up though in Tools>Settings>General>General>Operations Window and uncheck ‘Show window when an error occurs’).


Superb! This is exactly what is needed, sync Calendars and Contacts over IMAP. In the mean while I have disabled  the popup error message, as suggested. I did not know of that option! GREAT! it was getting annoying and I did not want to leave eM Client, it works really well, in fact better than all the ones I have tried to date… an awesome tool I must say.
Thank you for the response and solution, much appreciated, I will be waiting for the update.
Have a nice day,

What I find most unusual about this error is that in another post you claim its actually a problem with microsoft server not being available. Yet every other email program I try does not experience this issue.

Hello Rick,
it is more than possible that other email programs did not use the AirSync protocol to begin with.
Microsoft is currently migrating their mail accounts to Exchange, so using Exchange or IMAP setting works now.
Our upcoming version 7 of eM Client will no longer use AirSync for message synchronization, so the problem now occurrs in version 6 sometimes.